Artificial Dimensions

  • Whatever has an adress in a system, is within a so-called artificial dimension. 
  • Like an object can have positons x, y & z in the three most common space dimensions, an item at an index of an array is an object in an artificial dimension.
  • There are therefore trillions of AD’s that us humans create, delete, update, move, get and set.
  • It’s funny how we can imagine an array of objects, but find it hard to imagine beyond the 4 most basic dimensions of time and space.

On randomness

  • On the personal level of an instance, there is no such thing as random. 
  • Only instances, differentiating over a certain degree(how big a degree depends on the generator of the randomness), will see something, generated by a certain source, as random. 
  • So to create a random number generator, it must be generated upon several, isolated personal properties of the sources’s position in all possible real & artificial dimensions. 
  • The future use of the random aspect should also be taken into consideration, upon the choice of aspects used by the generator.

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