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Oh how I wish I already had WikiPub

I’m not too good at multi-tasking on the level of simple tasks, but I somehow manage to always be able to handle several project at once(or at least I believe so). I am always aware of what’s happeningn around me, let’s just say that, and I am aware when I smash my deadlines which I so often do. The problem I believe to be the amount of diverese I work on at any given time, but that’s the way I like it.

I(for now) hate the boring life of an avaerage worker. Wake up, get a list of tasks, complete, then go to sleep. That’s what we build machines for, people in the modern age of computers are no longer required to be machines(though many of us are), people should instead break those rules, build new machines, and spend the day in the creative sandbox of the mind, rather than the executive. At least that’s how I like to live out my days.

However right now I pretty much have 3 projects running along-side school, which to many could be quite a work-load(especially if they knew how much time I spend reading news). I am writing The Book About Everything, at the same time trying to kick-start The College Group and organise the WikiPub Project. A lot of people are involved, and a lot of people have to be informed, with each one these. I feel like each one of these projects requires a different twitter account, a different blogroll, a different news realm as a whole. However I with the current technologies is forced through so many different stages in order to achieve that. I hate that the web 2.0 realm is built on and for start-ups, where the general idea would be that an individual or a group is responsible for single entities in the realm. However what about those of us that multi-task and have many goals in life? WikiPub would certainly be an answer to this, as I could organise these into mere PROJECTS, and lead them that way intertwining with my daily activity.

Basically I feel the need to organise every single thought that goes through this crazy mind, and that is what I am building WikiPub for, only thing I wish, is that I had WikiPub to build WikiPub, it would make things just so much more easier. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt graduating as well, so that I could get some spare time for coding 🙂