With great power comes great responsibility, Twitter!

Twitter is quite literally growing up, not merely at the user base but also on the content side. We no longer tweet about sitting on the toilet or flipping pandcakes, or at least the lot of us doesn’t. If we did, then #CNN wouldn’t rely on Twitter as much as they do ever since the #iranelection.

Today the #failwhale reminded us of it’s existence, and although we all know the real reason Twitter went down today, the more accepted theory is a DDoS attack.

We’ve put great power into the hands of Twitter, and with great power comes great responsibility. It’s not a responsibility Twitter asked for, but it is the responsibility it gets, and as such it must follow suit.

It is time for Twitter to monetize itself and become the Google that Facebook never became. Twitter today is the source of news as they break, and as such it is a vital vein in our fast-pumping society. We can no longer tolerate the #failwhale, and should demand a faster, better, and most importantly, a stronger Twitter.


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