Killing the netbook

Few of you know that I’ve been practicing my thumb-typing skills on that killer iPhone multitouch screen of mine, and I don’t mean simple SMS and mail, but more specifically notes on the go, for which I’ve primarily been using a netbook up till this point. Few also know that for the past few weeks I’ve been practicing using the Gentoo terminals at DIKU for most of my academical work, and I’ve had relative success doing it, I may say! Even fewer know that I’ve recently taken up a part-time job at making web-crawlers, which I’m pretty happy doing so far 🙂 Here I’ve managed to pull off a 2,6 GHz quad-core Dell, which I’m even happier about than the coffee!

Most of you know, however, that this spring I had abandoned the notion of a lap-top entirely, and haven’t had a desktop PC since the ancient year of, well, 2004 or something. For all this time, I’ve been netbook ONLY and I’ve been perfectly happy about it(even though some say that they may cause back-problems). Since around this time last year I’ve also started moving my stuff to the cloud, i.e. ALL of my music, pictures and documents, and since about August moving all that data to operating-system independent services such as f.x. Dropbox.

Thus, my life is no longer centered around my computer, but rather around every single computer out there, mua-ha-ha!

Recently I’ve also been reminded of the old-days in middle-school, where from time to time I’d take nothing but a pen with me!

Thus, I decided to trim down that fat and get rid of the netbook as well! Or rather keep it at home as a “desktop”, with occasional dates in public places.

So for the next few weeks I’m going to try out travelling without a nerdy bag, and merely an iPhone in my pocket!

However, the iPhone is a terrible mobile device for needs of my scale, and I predict an Android phone would do much better here! And if it doesn’t, I can always code the software myself, right? Right….

Unfortunately, none of the Danish cell phone companies offer a decent Android phone, if there at all is at a decent Android phone out there! Ironically, I’m looking for something of an iPhone killer, something that doesn’t exist, but a mere BIG WIDE screen and fewer buttons would suffice, is that so hard HTC? I want a device that I can use in land-scape mode, something that seems awfully awkward doing on a Hero or Tatoo.

Another very important thing is of course – running the code! Now that I’m a computer science sophomore, it is an irrefutable part of my everyday life(not that it wasn’t before). I need something in the cloud, that I can store and ruuuun my code!

Well, I guess that’s what Google is missing in their monopoly, so I guess I must build something myself!

P.S. I’m still working on establishing a polyphasic sleep-pattern.


2 responses to “Killing the netbook

  1. Have you looked at the Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android? Larger screen that iPhone. No 3G in the current model, but perhaps the next one will offer that or at least a SIM slot.

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