A sense of equality in the midst of genius design.

We may name many reasons as to why Apple’s products seem superior to anything out there, but “equality” certainly isn’t the first thing that jumps to mind.

Rather, we think of Apple fanboys as snobby, gullible people of the “wrong” orientation. Yet, if we are on the other side of the debate, we might regard them as brothers and sisters that have converted to the right religion, oh how much that reminds of a new series coming this season.

It struck me the other day though, how much the iPhone 3G and 3Gs look alike, or well we all know that they are in fact identical on the outside. We also know that beneath the covers, the 3Gs hides a machine twice as fast and with just a few more features, but on the outside, let’s face it – they’re equal, and hence – so are their owners.

As I walk around with my 3G beside @ensey with his brand new 3Gs I do not feel the least bit jealous. Except that now it is him that launches Safari or Maps whenever we are in need of either, but otherwise I feel more than satisfied with my current iPhone, and thus have ABSOLUTELY no intention as to switching, face it Apple.

Then I gave it a thought from outside the box and came to the conclusion that if perhaps in the old days I may have judged a person by their phone, as I knew the shape and functionality of each new toy from Nokia and Sony-Ericsson, I can no longer do that with the iPhone. Of course, “you don’t judge a book by its cover”, but unlike most people, I dare to admit to doing it every once in a while.

So, on the outside me and @ensey look pretty much alike, it takes getting to know us to find out who we really are, and thus the iPhone gives both of us a more or less equal status of fanboys to you, but on the inside both our iPhones(and the apps, music installed on them) are accustomed to each one of us. Never before have I felt the stronger need to say that – it’s in the software stupid.

Apple, with it’s very limited hardware product line, but ability for the least bit software customization is step-by-step hiding our personalities inside the devices that we carry – that make us look so much alike.

From Apple’s point of view – it is a genius move. As Martin Lindstrøm described it in Buy-ology – a smaller product line allows for higher concentration on branding the individual products, and of course less user confusion. As such – we all know the shape of the iPhone and holla at a fanboy when we see one, be that in a positively or negatively. It

Same technique can be found among Macs where they merely vary in a few distinct shapes and sizes, but it is the insides that matter and often are customized by the individual consumer accordingly.


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