Why Ubuntu still sucks, and I am back to Windows 7

I’ll try to be short and precise here.

So I tried Ubuntu 9.10, right? Well, it’s faster than 9.04, and I like the software installer, although they simply seem to have hacked around the original package installer, it is a breeze installing stuff now, THANK YOU :). However, having a Skype conversation right after the install, I noticed that I could do NOTHING except talk on Skype, because doing ANYTHING, i.e. loading a web-page, seemed to get the conversation to lag, irrefutably. Sure my hardware and network specs were lousy with my 1.6 Intel atom, 2 gigs of RAM and probably a 4 mbit connection, but COME ON, how lousy is that operating system at multi-tasking? Some may argue I might’ve been missing some drivers, but hey a CLEAN Windows 7 install can do better than that, COME ON Ubuntu! You SUCK!

So I took a few days on Windows, gave myself a bit of space, and fired it up again tonight, hoping for a happy ending! I turned on a flash video, as I often do while checking the mail, reading the news etc, and guess what? It LAGGED! I’ve had enough, a system so lousy isn’t worth taking up space on my hard drive!

All of this is making me more and more convinced that Bill Gates was right saying that software you don’t pay for can only really be able to do so much for you. So, now I’m going to give Mac OS X a shot on my netbook, although I do have a feeling that it won’t be too happy about my specs either, since it is oh so well in play with Apple’s hardware.

Oh, what is the world coming to, when Windows 7 is the only decent operating system around? That you can format throw around as you wish, and it still works. Hey, it ACTUALLY lets me to talk on Skype, watch a video and do something PRODUCTIVE while I’m at it! It’s magic!


2 responses to “Why Ubuntu still sucks, and I am back to Windows 7

  1. Oh and someone should tell the Ubuntu guys about people with external screens, they really don’t seem to know how to handle connecting and disconnecting an external monitor on a regular basis.

  2. It’s not Ubuntu, but Linux in general – all distributions have these problems, but the real problems have nothing to do with OS quality, the problem is in the skype and flash implementations for linux. Think about it.

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