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In my Hello World I wrote that it all started with Python, and I guess I owe you an explanation.

Once I discovered Python, I discovered the meaning in life. Nothing more and nothing less..

No just kidding, but Python comes pretty close 🙂 The (pretty) wasteless syntax of Python, makes my years of slaying through strictly structured and static OOP languages look like a complete waste of brain juice. What Python showed me, was that there is no programming language(or programming paradigm for that matter) that is good enough to describe the true flow of thought.

After Python I no longer simply code, I analyze the syntax of my thought vs. the syntax of my code, only becoming more and more convinced that most of the widespread PL’s are filled with garbage code. They are not developer friendly, Python is the first step towards that, and I aim to try and make the next step in that direction. This is therefore the next goal in my life, try and design a language(with Python syntax at the base) which becomes more and more in parallel with the natural line of thought. 

So what does that have to do with me starting a blog?? I love philosophy, and my brain is always filled with thoughts, I aim to organise them in a single unit, and thereafter analyze this unit, and come up with some sort of a theory for the line of thought of a software developer.