A complete misguidance(or how Google+Wiki failed me)

So I was taking a stroll through Mashable’s new book(or rather a compilation of posts) – Twitter Guide Book, when I fell over the chapter – “What’s a tweetup?” The post it linked to, of course, offered no real explanation of what such an event encompasses, but rather told me how to organise one. So I decided in all my confidence to Google the term and here is the timeline of where that got me:

1. Googling:


2. Following the Web definitions link:

2 3. Following through to the wiki page:


Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that the Wiki-page contained not a SINGLE mention of the word ‘tweetup’.

Thanks for nothing Google Define, I guess I have to come down to good old looking through the search results. For those of you interested in what it really is, here is what I’ve found to be the most suiting explanation:

“A Tweetup is a meeting between people with the who, where and when arranged on Twitter.

Sounds simple. But a key ingredient, to differentiate it from a mere meeting, is that the people concerned should only be acquainted online.”



Sounds like something I might’ve wanted to start if I had more Danish followers 🙂


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