Upgrade? Really?

Using my beloved most recent Google Chrome(Developer Build) I fell over an image of THIS in my browser:


* If any of you don’t speak Danish it sais – “Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8”.

Now, not only is switching  to IE8 from Chrome in many aspects a down-grade, it is also, I believe a break of some sort of law(I really need to start reading law to have some sources on outbreaks like this)? I base this on the fact that someone once told me(I think it was Ulrik Christiansen) that saying “we are better than *these guys*”, where you replace *these guys* with a brand name, is illegal. Am I wrong to believe that?

To add on to that the U.S. Microsoft site has no such link, perhaps the so highly valued freedom of speech in Denmark allows MS to come with odd statements like this here, but not at home?


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