Changing the ways of things

I’ve dicided to change the way I follow the world once again. I guess you could say that I’m simply reversing the change I made apporximately a month ago. I will go back to using Google Reader to read and share my news, so if you want to follow the news I’ve thus far posted on Twitter, simply subscribe to my Google Atom Feed.

Of course with this decision a few basic questions arise:

Will I delete my Twitter account?

No. From now on I will use Twitter for what most sound people use it for – posting thoughts, short ideas. These ideas may arise from the news that I read, in which case I will of course post a short URL, or link to the author’s Twitter profile, but don’t expect to see the part-time Twitter journalism that I’ve been experimenting with for the past few weeks. Put in other words, I will put my Twitter account to use rather than use it for bookmarking, tagging and sharing news. It will be a sort of pretext for my blog, which I wish to start writing more frequently.

What about news coming from Twitter users?

RT’ing is an important part of the Twitter culture, and I will keep to it, in my Google Reader. Among the few of us from IT-College Denmark already sharing news, we use a rough Twitter-alike syntax, I guess I aim to stabilize that. In fact I’ll be looking, if not making a solution to post Google Reader comments to Twitter.

Will I unfollow news sources on Twitter?

I originally started using Twitter for main-stream news. News that spammed way too much to always be relevant. Thus, I guess  that logic still applies.

Twit me if you’ve got other questions, otherwise happy reading, sharing and following to you all 🙂

P.S. Now I’ve just got to find a way to import all those shared items from Twitter to Google Reader. I’m also looking for a RSS-to-PDF converter but can’t seem to find one.

P.P.S. Maybe I should’ve tweeted that?


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