Quotes of the day #1

This is a part of a “Quotes of the Days” series which I will try to post daily. These excerpts from my daily readings, kept here for safekeeping and sharing.

Brian Solis

The Race to 1,000,000 Followers Sends Twitter and Social Media into Relevance and Irrelevance

The future of Social Media lies with those who can create, cultivate, and empower individuals to produce and share meaningful content and activity to inspire action, foster education, instigate change and build a more media literate society.

The Change We Need: DIY on a Civic Scale

“Those of us who spend our time on the internet celebrate wikipedia, but most of us have forgotten how to do crowdsourcing in the physical world.”

Ashton Kutcher

Reply to: RT @ewffan: congrats to @aplusk the King of Twitter

“There are no kings on twitter only jesters”

Anthony Ha

Thanks to Oprah, we can finally stop talking about Twitter

The next time you see a post breathlessly exclaiming, “Politicians are on Twitter! Celebrities are on Twitter! You can find news on Twitter!” or whatever, please leave the following comment: “Dude, Twitter was on Oprah.”

Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ First Flopped Demo Had Him Crying For His Mommy

“Mom! Mom! Come and tell them that it worked!”

David Plassmann

Comment: Windows Mobile 6.5 to officially “launch” on May 11

“after i’ve seen this picture i don’t whant windows 6.5 anymore”

Fred Wilson

The Power Of Passed Links

“Links are the currency of the web.”

P.S. Twitter me suggestions for tomorrow’s quotes 🙂


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