An update

Well, so far, my efforts to set up a good-enough for me WikiWebLog have failed. I have tried setting up a WordPress blog and incorporating a wiki into it, but that sort of died. I tried setting up a MediaWiki with one of my friends as a host, which prooved to be relatively effective, except, extremely unreliable! In the mean time I have also changed over to using TeX in math class and LaTeX everywhere else, so the fact that this could be implemented into MediaWiki was great, but seldomly worked. Another problem with MediaWiki, is that it is not intended for blogs, so that “hotfix” I gave it, with a few RSS extensions, ended being a total mess. I love how WordPress can update the RSS feed, instead of a whole new article has to be syndicated one more time. 

So now I need a well-working solution! 

What I could do is develop my own solution, by somehow blending .NET, RSS, TeX and everything else that I want. This of course would mean that I would get a great deal of experience, but please, I just need a place to write down my thoughts, I have more important things to develop then blogs, and if someone has nothing to do, here are the criteria:

  • Always online – hosted by a reliable host
  • TeX enabled
  • Wiki-style page linking and sorting
  • Convert page to LaTeX
  • Wikiroll with RSS and danish letters enabled
  • RSS has to be updateable

For now I have dicided to return to WordPress for a while until I come up with some good solution.


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