Knowing everything helps you learn everything else.

I tend to try not to write on areas outside of NLP in this blog, but what a hell, a blog is a personal log of thoughts, and what good is it if it does not have my thoughts? It turns into just an odd form of a wiki 😛 So following few posts will be more personal and philosophical rather than anything else. Alright here it goes 🙂

It’s a bit odd that many wonder how I find interest in so many different subjects, even subjects that have nothing to do with my future plans. The reason is simple the more you know about all the different things, the easier it is to learn new things, even if they are totally different. Everything is relative, and everything is therefore related. Systems in one end can always be related to the systems in the other, at least on the aspect that they are both systems.

I guess this is why I like philosophy so much, it binds everything into one big great puddle and makes sense of it, kinda like a brain ;). So extra knowledge can never hurt, whether it is politics, math, chemistry, physics or psychology, it will help you anyhow. 

However that also makes me wonder if that is the reason for my bad ability to prioritise, since in such a context, everything is important.


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