On Resourcez

Now so far I have not documented resources for the thoughts on my blog except for a few very specific exceptions. The reason for that there apperently were no resources, or no direct resources, by reading diverse articles on the net, watching videos on YouTube I came to certain conclusions, which now form the plot of my blog. Now, finally, whilst at the bookstore at Berkley University, I found the book which fits the ideas of my blog. 

The book is called “The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language”, and seems so far to comply with my ideas, and thereby serves as a validation source for my observations. Although the focus of this book is different from the focus of my project. What the book does is look at the development of language historically, whereas I try to find a better way to parse natural language than what is usually used. With that, I just realised that I have forgotten to post my views on the seperation of concerns and the layering of NLP into phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics and so on. This will be pretty tough, so I will spend some time formulating that post. Prior to that I also need to acquire more knowledge of thesubject before I speak against it, so some time may go before my next post, Goodnight for now 😛


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