Taking verbs out of the scope of dimensions, and regarding them as isolated descriptions of the relationships means that adverbs, adjectives, and alike, also have to be isolated in the same manner. That starts looking extremely complex. Secondly, this makes no sense what-so-ever. The fact of the matter is, those relationships exist across many different dimensions. As a simple and streight forward example – many different things can brake, that aligns all those objects on a simple dimension of things that can brake

I guess that was an example of those misunderstandings my mind goes through every time it sees something nice and shiny, or learns something new, I guess I’m easily seducted, and that’s a bad characteristic to have in the IT world, or maybe not??

Anyways, everything lies in dimensions, and is a dimension by itself. That means that the semantic net must be a multi-dimensional data store, kind of like friends on Facebook. Question is how to implement it?


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