Scale is Verb && Verb is Scale

First off, I’ve found a word for my points and dimensions, and feel very stupid that I had to spend so much trying to explain a multi-dimensional semantic net

Prior to realizing the former, I, at some point, took a skim through my newly bought book, Graphic Design – The New Basics, and got caught by two interesting subtitles, Scale is relative and Scale is a verb. Now in design that makes perfect sense, objects must be in harmonic scale with everything else, or not, if it the intention that they stand out, but I saw sth different here.

Now previously I said that everything is a dimension, and every dimension is a point, or put it the other way around, basically everything is intertvined dimensions. But the term scale is relative, made me think that perhaps verbs lie outside these dimensions, and more precisely they prioritise the links between the dimensions, the title scale is a verb only enforced that thought. If you take a look at the diagram of a simple semantic net of a few terms, this is exactly what is symbolised.

Semantic Network

Semantic Network

Or well, almost.


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