The Dimensionz

I described earlier that there must be some basic dimensions, such as shape, function and sound, but have come to a conclusion, that sounds way too stupid. 

First of, shape, is nothing else than elements of color twisted in the 3 dimensions of space, and color is nothing else than elements of light twisted in some other higher dimensions, and so on, and so forth. Same goes for function and sound, although those 3 sure look like as some very basic dimensions, we can go deeper, so they are merely MAIN dimensions, which will be used most often, but are not at all the building blocks.

They are, as I myself defined, dimensions that can be twisted and indexed as pretty much everything else. Instead the building blocks seem to be the points themselves, and the connections that they have. The building blocks of our understannding of the world seem to be built up of:

New Dimension(IndexOfSubDimension,IndeciesInSubDimension[])

I was too lazy to desribe this in NL, which is another plus side of regular PL’s which I should look into. 

A simple example is a pencil. In the dimension of time it appears in the past, now and most likely in the future, if you are holding one in your hand. 

However I have defined that everything is a dimension, so how is a pencil a dimension? Well it isn’t, not in the current context of thought. The central point of the context of thought would most likely be a point, which in our cas is a pencil, but can probably be twisted to be a dimension in another context. Think of this like the 2 basic dimensions, sth in the first dimension is a point, but once you add the other, you can make it a line. Or well, almost like that.

However a pencil is still a dimension, becuase it has a dynamic number of properties and functions, a different number of points so to say.


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