Dimensions, Points and Natural Language

So what the hell do all these dimensions and points have to do with natural language? Well let’s try to analyze a few sentences.

The dog is green.

The dog is an object, and is therefore imediately referenced to a rough synth of a dog in the 3 dimensions of space. The word is indicates a reference to some sort of dimension of function or property, and the word green is a reference to a point in dimension of color. If throughout the dimension of time there hasn’t been a case of a dog being green, than no such connection will be drawn and the idea of a green dog should therefore seem odd to the intelligence. 

This, however, does not stop the intelligence from imagening such a dog, meaning that an intelligence is seemlessly able to mix dimensions as it wishes, if this is a realistic mix, we call this an act of creativity, since as defined, a green dog has not been seen before. If such a mix of dimensions can serve to solve some sort of a problem, we call this innovation, and is often where we dicide to earn some money on our idea.

So.. I’d like to define knowledge as knowing the broadth of diverse dimensions, learning as aquiring that knowledge through observation and imagination, imagination, in turn, as the act of creatively mixing dimensions, and finally thought as the act of analysis of what mixing a few dimensions would result in. Whether you pick the right choice through thought or not, depends on, basically, your previously acquired knowledge and, well, luck. Since it is knowledge you acquire from this imagination, the quality of that knowledge depends on the quality of your choices of the mixture, which depend on the previously aquired knowledge.

So in essence all the information should saved in these dimensions, and what is contained within these dimensions are relationships to all other possible intertwining dimensions at the specific points of the dimension.

So here I have analyzed how to store the analyzed data, i still need to know how to weigh acquisition and usage of it.

P.S. don’t be mistaken by the term knowledge, it has no direct relation to ONLY scientific knowledge, it also relates to knowledge about mixture of colors, seeds or even actions and sounds for that matter.


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