Hello World

print “Hello World”

This is where it all started, it all started with Python.

My name is Oleksandr Shturmov aka Oleks aka Alexander aka alsht aka shtole aka Ukrainian aka Russian aka whiteboy aka the nerd aka whatever I am to youe(I’m a man of many names, as I am a man of many personalities).

And this is my wikiblog. I dicided to write a wikiblog for one simple reason, because I couldn’t dicide whether to write a wiki or a blog xD and this was my spontaneous solution!

More and more areas of my life in general have taken a shift towards spontaneity. The ever-elaborating randomness of my choices, as of everyday concerns, have left many people confused, and unable to follow along. This has therefore lead to unstable relationships with some friends and many women, but I love it, since this spontaneity leaves me with computational power for my theories of life, death, intelligence, computers and just about anything that that this universe has to offer, and beyond.

Besides, trying to plan out a solution, rather than randomly choosing, has the same effect on me as the idea of writing a book about compilers had on Donald R. Knuth – to make something that is satisfactory, every single part of the solution must be satisfactory, so I must understand it inside out before I release it (so to write a book about compilers, I would have to write books about everything else).

This is not a bad characteristic to have, since it leads to my A’s in college, but this logic can rarely be applied to all areas of life, as american capitalism has led us to having so many choices, that looking at all of them rationally, would require quite a lot computational power(a topic I will look into in some later posts).


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